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Your Eco Advisor Tip

You can recoup the cost of floor insulation in as little as a year.

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Natural Flooring

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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Solar Energy

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Your Eco Advisor

This web site will endeavour to give you information about how to make greener choices in your life. Give you ideas on how to be more eco friendly and give you some simple tips to be more environmentally conscious.

Including simple ideas on renewable energy, what the recycling symbols mean, why water saving is important, information on cool eco gadgets, gizmos and gifts.

You may wonder "what is the point of being green?" or think "I don't care about the environment, how will living greener help me?". Well, whether you care about the environment or not, all changes you make to live more eco friendly or green, will have an impact on environment, both locally and globally, but it should save you money too. Actual figures have shown that you could save up to 60% compared to your current spending by making lifestyle changes.